XINPAK Chemicals

XINPAK Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is a diversified agricultural business and one of the leading companies in Pakistan, providing a wide range of opportunities and solutions for farmers, retailers, and investors. The company uses a forward-looking approach towards agriculture, providing high-quality products and services to our stakeholders with transparency and loyalty. With an experienced staff of professionals specialized in farming and growing, working closely with small and medium-sized firms to assess their needs and objectives and to ensure a successful and reliable partnership. XINPAK has its own liquid and granular formulation plants and formulation is broadly classified into SC, EC, SL, SP, and WG types.

Apart from liquid and granular formulation plants, we have our own Micro-nutrients Foliar and Fertilizer production plants as well.

There are four totally Automatic Filling plant lines for the sorting and packaging of the products.

All the production, sorting and packaging operations are carried out up to a set standard of perimeters and inspected by QC department.

Safety is ensured on each and every step of production regarding the machines as well as the individuals working on the plant.